TID regatta

The TID regatta is the longest and largest regatta in the world. It lasts 73 days and during that time it covered 2515.5 km. The Danube, from the German city of Ingolstadt to the port of St. George in Romania on the Black Sea coast.

The regatta is very popular in the world and in addition to participants from the Danube countries, participants also come from other continents.

Last year, the regatta started on June 24, and arrived on the Black Sea coast on September 7. The regatta entered our country on July 26 near Apatin and came out on August 12 after Brza Palanka, ie Prahova. Daily stages are on average about 45km. The regatta stays in one-day stages, while in larger and capital cities it stays for two days.

Stage places in our country are: Apatin, Bogojevo, Backa Palanka, Novi Sad, Stari Slankamen, Belgrade, Smederevo, Veliko Gradiste, Dobra, Donji Milanovac, Tekija, Kladovo and Brza Palanka.

In Bačka Palanka, organized by the Municipality of Bačka Palanka and the Tourist Organization of the Municipality of Bačka Palanka, the participants of the regatta will visit the Beer Museum in Čelarevo. There are many breweries along the Danube, but only the brewery in Čelarevo offers such an experience to kayakers from all over the world.

The gathering was organized at the Slovak Home in Backa Palanka. It is interesting that the participants of the regatta will have the opportunity to prepare dinner for themselves, fish stew, for which the material is provided by the Tourist Organization of the Municipality of Backa Palanka. Hungarian regatta players are in the lead in the preparation of paprika, and everyone else is a good taster. The Ambassador of the Slovak Republic and her associates were also invited to this event at the Slovak House.