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Municipality of Backa Palanka

Dairy Backa Palanka

EKOMIL DOO BAČKA PALANKABranka Radičevića 93,21400 Bačka Palanka MALA MLEKARAŠturova 64,21433 Silbašmala.mlekara@gmail.comMob: +38163536294 BIO PANONNovosadski put ...

Bakeries in Bačka Palanka

  PEKARA DRAGSTOR VKralja Petra I 36,21400 Bačka Palankatel: 021 / 754-438069 / 642273 PEKARA RUSTIKTrg Bratstva Jedinstva 30,21400 Bačka Palankatel: 062 / 750-525 Pekara ...

Honey producers in the municipality of Backa Palanka

PG LUKIĆVidosava Lukić (honey, honeydew, honey cakes) Vizić800317003997064 / 36-82-735 PG Milinka Šešum (honey, propolis) 800309011788064 / 92-17-576064 / 24-64-316 PG MandićDušan Mandić (honey, gingerbread, .. .

Guinness pot / Excavator Bačka Palanka

Date 13.01.2002. The largest fish "Guinness cauldron" to remember was cooked in the year: in a thick soup, with 150 kg of spices, paprika, 350 kg ...

Possibilities for organizing the preparation of sports teams

If there are opportunities for organizing the preparation of sports teams (what sports, what is the infrastructure…) In Backa Palanka there are excellent ...

Extreme sports in Backa Palanka

Extreme sports (canyoning, orienteering races, survival races…) ORIENTATION - NEŠTIN Orienteering Club "Neštin" Neštin - founded in 1978.

Fishing in Bačka Palanka

Fishing (which places are best for fishing (rivers, lakes, canals…), does anyone organize tours, who issues permits, equipment rental / service, promotional material)

Sports camps and traditional sports tournaments

Sports camps (are sports camps organized on the territory of TO, for which sports, in which period)

Equestrian sports in our municipality

Equestrian sports (local racetracks / clubs that organize riding schools and tours, is there any promotional material) 1.KARAĐORĐEVO

Walking trails and health trails

Hiking and health trails (marked / marked, unmarked, is there any promotional material) Special Nature Reserve "Acacia" -...