Detailed program: Everything is ready for "TOUR DE FRUŠKA", a holiday for cyclists

For the first time on the slopes of Fruška gora, from May 20 to 22, a sports and recreational event "Tour de Fruška"Intended for all lovers of nature, healthy living, cycling and sports.

More than 500 competitors have already registered, and the event is being held under the auspices of the Provincial Government with the aim of reviving Fruška Gora, presenting its economic and tourism potential, but also creating new content that will attract not only athletes, but also families with children.

The races will start from Vrdnik, and competitors and visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the unique nature and discover the beauties of that part of Fruška gora.

"Trail Race" will start on Saturday, May 21, at 11 am, for whose competitors the organizers have prepared a 15-kilometer-long forest trail, which has not been run so far and is demanding on some sections, but so much so that even those who have basic physical fitness can complete it.

"Eliminator of the race" will be held on that day, around 4 pm on standard mountain bikes, which is designed as a 665-meter circular race, which will take competitors about three minutes. Four competitors start and drive "to the relegation".


The organizers also took care of all those who enjoy cycling and do not want to compete, so they prepared the start of the road challenge "Popov cot" for Saturday at 3 pm, which will be run for 48 kilometers, accompanied by the police. in the most beautiful parts of Fruška gora.

As part of this unique event, on Saturday at 12 o'clock, two races will be organized for the youngest participants - a children's push-up race and a children's dexterity range.

The MTB marathon starts on Sunday, May 22, at 11 am, for competitors eager to challenge. There are three versions of the track by weight, of 15, 38 and 58 kilometers.

The first two are intended for recreational riders, while the third track is long and much more difficult, and is recommended for licensed drivers.