Theater night in Bačka Palanka


This year's Night of the Theater event called "XII - 12 days of Theater Nights in Serbia" will take place from November 16 to 27.

In the City Cinema on Saturday 26.11. at 5:00 p.m., there will be a children's theater performance "Without tools, there are no crafts" performed by "Teatrilo Pozorišta". Cvetin Aničić wrote the text and directed the play.

In a small pastry shop, in addition to cakes and cookies, various other magic items are prepared.

These cheerful confectioners entertain children with funny stories and anecdotes from life. The pastry shop becomes the most famous in the area.

But one day they receive an unusual package from an unknown sender. The package includes dolls, theater dolls. Then the game starts, and a theatrical performance is made... But about what? Of course, we can be successful and appreciated in any job if we have knowledge, and knowledge is the basic tool for any job. In addition to the cheerful confectioners, the show features unique puppets of three pigs and a wolf. And all the characters have their own craft in which they are the best.

Children learn the value of knowledge and skill through this comic game of theater in the theater.

The ticket price will be based on a voluntary donation.