Promotion of the book "ATOS-method" in Bačka Palanka

The author of the book is psychologist and psychotherapist Milenko Vlajkov, who is a native of Bačka Palanka

The promotion of the book "ATOS-Method" by Milenko Vlajkov will be held on Friday, October 14. in the Gymnasium "20. October" starting at 7:30 p.m.

The promotion will be led by the author Milenko Vlajkov, a psychologist and psychotherapist from Bačka Palanka who is known all over the world.

The ATOS-method is a set of exercises for activating different parts of the cerebral cortex with the aim of achieving a high level of synchronization of psychophysiological subsystems in the human body.

This method is applied in order to enable the maintenance of therapeutic effects achieved by other therapeutic procedures.