"Hiking Day" in Bačka Palanka on September 10

flax organization PSD "RAVNICAR” Bačka Palanka and the Mountaineering Association of Serbia are organizing "Hiking Day", which will be held on September 10 under the slogan "A STEP CLOSER TO HEALTH".

The recreational walk will take place on the embankment next to the Danube. The start of the walk is scheduled at 9:30 am on September 10, with the meeting point at the flood defense monument on the embankment. It is planned to cross the embankment path to the 5km long bridge.

The "Hiking Day" event and campaign represents this year's central action, in which more than 100 clubs and organizations of the Mountaineering Association of Serbia will be involved. It will take place in parallel almost throughout Serbia. In previous years, the action gathered over 17,000 people in 68 cities and municipalities who shared the joy of hiking and being active in nature with their mountaineers. And this year's action is of an anti-pandemic character.

The goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle through hiking and activities related to nature, as the best prevention.

"Hiking day" is a fun and simple way to explore the joy of movement and socializing in the best company, but also an active and healthy lifestyle that affects psychophysical health and immunity. Due to the specifics caused by the pandemic, the Mountaineering Association of Serbia will implement this year's campaign in a specific way.

Our fellow citizens will be presented with routes that can be hiked, and members of the Mountaineering Association of Serbia will be present on the trails as logistical support. In this way, the rule of social distancing will be respected.