A clear path and goal, perseverance and persistence - MOVEMENT

The seven-kilometer-long cycling tour "KRETANJE - Bicycle Parade" took place last night in
The 28th Festival of Ecological Theater for Children and Youth was officially opened in Bačka Palanka.
After the ceremonial parade, there was a fiery performance, and then the act of the ceremony itself
of the opening, where attention was drawn to the importance of all problems that have a common movement.
The four most important topics discussed at the 28th FEP were the refugee crisis,
ecological crisis, travel restrictions and freedom of movement in nature.

FEP director Sonja Petrović greeted those present and thanked all the volunteers.
participants, organizers and audience, some who have been there for almost 30 years, and all those
who are there for the first time:
"Despite numerous challenges, we managed to bring the theater to our city this year as well. Exactly
like a snail that carries its house on its back, so we migrate for years, but we have a clear one
the path and the goal, which is the path of the theater. Enjoy these four festival days and soak up each one thoroughly
program segment. We hope that you will return from the 28th FEP full of impressions and new knowledge
knowledge," said Petrović.
At the opening of the Festival, Mrs. Marianne Gade Topac, senior advisor for politics and
consular issues of the Embassy of Denmark in Serbia. She referred to the importance of the existence of organizations
such as FEP in small communities:
"It is an honor to be a guest at such a Festival, which despite the limitations set by the small
environment, manages to bring troops from all over the world, and I am especially glad that at the Festival
the international troupe Ikarus also performed, with which I fell in love with the theater. Thank you for that
you exist and I hope to see you next year!"

The director of KC Bačka Palanka, Olja Nađ, addressed the guests, as the president of SO Bačka
Palanka Milan Čavić. As representatives of important institutions in Bačka Palanka, they emphasized the importance of FEP-
and they said that their support will increase every year.
The festival was officially opened with the author's song "Cleaning the planet" by six-year-old Lola Urban.
granddaughter of the founder of the Ecological Theater Festival for children and young people, with a message of the importance of conservation
our planet.
After the opening ceremony, the performance "Ođeci slavlja" by the international troupe was played
Ikarus Stage Arts, and the children's program was followed by a music program where they performed
the leaders of the alternative rock scene, the group Repetitor and the well-known Santos from Bačkopalanka
The 28th FEP runs until Sunday, August 21. It will be played as part of the competition program
10 performances by theater troupes from the country, the region, Slovenia, Austria and Denmark. Best
the performance will be awarded with the "Good Tree" award in three categories - the award of the expert jury,
which this year consists of choreographer Jovana Rakić, artistic director of the Đeči Theater
Republika Srpska Duško Mazalica and teacher and activist for human rights Maša
Avramović, children's jury award and audience award. Apart from the competition program, arranged
is a full-day educational and creative program - workshops, panels, film screenings, as well as
evening music program.
28. Festival of ecological theater for children and young people is supported by the Swiss government, u
as part of the "Culture for Democracy" project, which is run by the Hartefakt Fund. FEP was supported by
Provincial Secretariat for Culture, Public Information and Relations with Religious Communities, as well as
Municipality of Bačka Palanka.