"Swim with US" at the Danube Ball in Bačka Palanka

"Danube Ball", the largest summer tourist and entertainment event in the municipality of Bačka Palanka, will present the youngest with the only children's puppet show about swimming in Serbia, "Swim with US" performed by the children's theater "Teatrilo", directed by Cvetin Aničić, and based on the motifs of four picture books about swimming by Vladimir Anušić.

On Friday, July 8 at 7 p.m. in the city cinema hall, with the support of the Tourism Organization of the Bačka Palanka Municipality, children will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the OPPORTUNITIES that swimming offers, the rules of behavior at the pool, how to smile in an interesting and entertaining way with a puppet show , and without fear they can learn to swim, to be safe, but also to enjoy the water. At the end of the puppet show, the author of swimming picture books and "swimming dad" will "take" the children to the biggest "playground" in the world - water with a song, and with verse and guitar he will show them what they can do when they know how to swim. Entrance is free!

Unlike other children's puppet shows, "Swim with US" is inspired by real characters, swimmers Jakov and Petra, and based on the motifs of the picture books of the same name about swimming and growing up, authored by Vladimir Anušić. Cvetin Aničić, a renowned playwright, puppeteer and director, translated this story in verses from the edge of the pool into a magical, educational, witty and entertaining play for children "Swim with US"!

During the play, children will learn in a humorous way, with Jakov and Petra and with their swimming group Ratka the duck and the diving master Zlatica the fish, that proper BREATHING is very important for swimming, that being RELAXED in the water is imperative, that there is no place FEAR of water, swimming, because life is more beautiful when you swim!

Any prevention, education about the safety of children in and around water can potentially save someone's life!

The puppet show "Swim with NAMA" had its premiere performance at the end of June at the event "Foto Cultural Summer", and then it delighted the little ones in Novi Sad as well, with the support of the EU info point center Novi Sad. The performance will "live" within the regular repertoire of the children's theater "Teatrilo" and "swim" around Serbia and educate children and parents about safe swimming.

The puppet show about swimming is intended for children, (non)swimmers from 3 to 8 years old, as well as those a little older, because it offers children and parents a swimming solution, by adopting the concept of swimming without fear, and without leaving the safety zone.

Yes, yes, it's for you too:

For children who want to learn to swim and enjoy the water
For swimmers to be reminded of the basic rules of behavior at the pool
Parents whose child is afraid of water, swimming...
Coaches, teachers, who can show children what they can do when they know how to swim!
But it is also for aunts, uncles, uncles, grandmothers, grandfathers... who introduce children from the earliest age to the safe and rich world of swimming and growing up in and around the water!

Direction and dramaturgy: Cvetin Aničić;

Starring: Ružica Bojović and Cvetin Aničić, with unique dolls;

Creators of dolls: Monja Jovanov (created the dolls Jakov and Petra) and Cvetin Aničić (creator of the dolls Ratka the duck and the fish Zlatica)


Venue: city cinema hall, Bačka Palanka - ul. Veselin Masleše 6-8h, Bačka Palanka

Event time: Friday, July 8, starting at 7 p.m