Danube Day 2022 in Bačka Palanka

BACKA PALANKA - International Danube Day It was also marked on June 29 in Backa Palanka, on the City Beach.

Traditionally, the Tourist Organization of the Municipality of Backa Palanka dedicated the program of this event to the youngest, so the kids had the opportunity to draw and write on the topic of the Danube, to draw the motifs of the Danube on the body, and a party was organized with animators.

Attendees were able to enjoy the works of students of the School of Drawing and Painting of the Cultural Center, as well as the Multimedia Exhibition "Danube Space" DANUrB.

The Association of Fine Artists "Petar Tomić" from Bačka Palanka, which also suggested and gave advice to the youngest about the organization of this event, about drawing drawings on the topic of the Danube. They also singled out the three most beautiful drawings, and awarded the winners with prizes in the form of drawing accessories.

The National Library "Veljko Petrović" has selected the most beautiful songs about the Danube written by children on the topic Danube Day and awarded the winners with a gift book.

The children were animated by cancer and a little mermaid, all with music and games. The animators made soap bubbles, the children made the Danube and waved a large linen cloth with the Danube motif. For all the youngest TOO Bap she prepared thank-you notes and gifts, and paper boats that they let into Dunva. We hope that this event will remain in the fondest memories of our youngest visitors.

For the memories that are brought home, photographer Miki was hired, who photographed everyone who wanted it, for free.

Thank you to everyone who was and magnified this event this year as well.

Danube Day is an integral part of the cooperation of the Danube countries and is celebrated in all fourteen countries that are signatories to the International Convention for the Protection of the Danube, in order to raise awareness for river conservation among as many individuals as possible and to appeal for rational use of water resources.

In countries across Europe, the initiator of marking Danube Day is the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR), whose mission is to promote and coordinate sustainable and integrated water management, including water protection, improvement and rational use.

The patron of this event is the Municipality of Backa Palanka, and the friends are the Association of Artists "Petar Tomic", the Cultural Center, the National Library "Veljko Petrovic", the Literary Club "DIS" and the organization "NKN".