Domestic products from Backa Palanka presented at the Novi Sad Interfest

The tourism organization of the Bačka Palanka municipality, in cooperation with the municipalities of Šid, Beočin, Bački Petrovac and Bač through the Local Action Group Fruška Gora Dunav (LAG FGD) and the Local Action Group Ravnica Bačke (LAG RB), took part in one of the largest wine fairs in region, in Novi Sad INTERFEST.

The guiding idea of participating in the event is the economic empowerment of local producers of domestic products and their promotion in places where there is something to see and compare, and most of all to learn.

At the stand of the Bačka Palanka municipality, visitors could enjoy the tastes of wine and brandy, wineries Dragičević, Stakić, Praška, distillery Sladić, producers of chokeberry, cheese, homemade juices, Aronija - Panić, PG Marković, PG Marinković, PG Kozić , Sremački Zolagaj - Stošić. LAG FGD and LAG RB, for the first time, in cooperation, took 8 stalls and presented Rudež winery, Baluban winery, Drobnjak wine cellar, Medeno srce - Šid, RPG Rakić, PG Jan Sljuka, Bač in the heart of Bačka, Gajić winery at INTERFEST , Cheese workshop - Kovačević, Banstolka rural household.

Regional cooperation implies that all exhibitors must also respond to local manifestations and thereby strengthen local events, and also offer and present their products to our fellow citizens, and participate in education as lecturers.