"Sremusha Day" to remember

The storm disrupted the course of the event

Photo: Weekly newspaper

On Saturday (April 9), the Association of Citizens "Stav", with the help of the local self-government, the Tourist Organization of the Municipality of Bačka Palanka and the Local Action Group
"Fruška Gora - Danube" organized Sremusha Day on the Srem side of the municipality of Bačko Palanka (Neštin and Vizić).

There were about 300 participants, and this traditional event, which was organized by UG "Stav" for the eighth time in a row, and this year went according to plan. It was a pleasant walk through the glades of Fruška Gora, where the participants enjoyed the fresh air and a tour of the distilleries and cultural sights of this part of Srem. Great help to the organizer was provided by guests from the Mushroom Society of Novi Sad, then mountaineering societies from Sabac, Becej, Smederevo and others.

- The organization always starts for us on the Monday after the realization of the event, so we are already preparing for the next year. We officially started the announcement at the Tourism Fair in Belgrade, and the interest was great. Everything went according to plan and program, we organized a gathering and breakfast in the "Holiday House Skelica", where the registration of participants was. The hike started at 10 am, we visited the lookout and took photos and on this occasion we want to thank Dr. Grujić, the owner of the vineyard where the lookout is located - says Zoran Jovicin from UG "Stav" and adds:

- Then we headed to the Orthodox Church in Neštin, where the priest Strahinja Džambić introduced us to the history of the Church dedicated to the Holy Wizards Kozma and Damjan. The next stop in Neštin was Kovačević Winery, where, in addition to tasting wine, brandy and local products, our participants could also buy them. After that, the procession reached the "House of Savić" or better known as the "Srem House", where Srbislava Agić introduced us to the history and significance of the building itself. Then we started walking again, where the main group was taken over by Dejan Sudžum and Igor Stošić as guides. They have a lot
Thank you for your patience and ability to take them through the overgrown area to the Knezevic Distillery, where a pause with a tasting was organized, and from there it continued to the "Garden of Sremus" - says Jovicin.

- The second group took buses to the Garden sremusha", And from there on a short walk to the Đipša Monastery. And then nature showed all its charms. First, a strong wind destroyed what could be destroyed, and then heavy rain followed. Lunch was served in very interesting conditions and our guests showed various skills and resourcefulness. After lunch, there were no more conditions for professional and educational lectures, but a number of participants went to pick a waist - concludes Zoran Jovicin