Sremusha Day

For eight years in a row, "Sremusha Day" has been organized in these two settlements that belong to the municipality Bačka Palanka - Vizić and Neštin, and they are on the Srem side.


The hosts and many guests gather until 10 am at the location of the Open-Air Museum "Sremska kuća" in Neštin. After that, the Srem breakfast is served and a tour of the Museum complex is organized, followed by the departure of the participants to the Sremush Garden, on foot, by bicycle, as they wish. The organizers also announced a tour of the Orthodox Church in Neštin and the famous iconostasis of Teodor Dimitrijević Kračun - a masterpiece of Serbian Baroque painting. A tour of the Đipša monastery is also planned, and then, as it should be, a tour of wine cellars and rural tourist households in Neštin.


The arrival of the participants at the location "Bašta Sremuša" in the Vizićka forest of the Fruška Gora National Park is planned between 13.30 and 14:00. The next two hours were set aside for a lecture on the sremush plant, its use, consumption, application in medicine and gastronomy.

Sremush, wild garlic as many call it, is a perfect cleanser of blood, bile and liver from toxins accumulated in the body during the winter.
Biochemists claim that sremush is even healthier than garlic, and due to the abundance of aline, which is converted into allicin under the influence of oxygen, wild onion rejuvenates blood vessels and makes them elastic. Sremus is also rich in essential oils, valuable mineral salts, sugar, vitamin C, carotene…


"Sremusha Day" in Neštin and Vizić is organized by the Tourist Organization of the Municipality of Bačka Palanka. So, a walk through the woods for an hour and a half to two, for those who have too much, there will be alternative modes of transportation.
The gathering will be in the Srem House, the Open-Air Museum, the Savić House, which has been brought to a fantastic state. Srem breakfast will be organized there, and then the sremush will be picked.


Reading sremusha

Visitors will have the help of a guide. All this in nature, surrounded by members of his family, friends, but also new acquaintances. As for May Day, we go on excursions, so we want to build a tradition. And tradition is slowly being created.
But this is not done by the tourism organization itself. Great support for this event is given by the Association of Weekenders "Eko Neštin", which is getting stronger every year.

Eco Neštin

There are also landmarks, then people who are engaged in hunting and fishing, people who are winemakers and who want to promote wines at such an event. In fact, all the people who benefit from tourism are involved, who help the development of tourism.

The event includes all-day activities - after a joint breakfast, a tour of the sights of Neštin, a visit to wineries and tastings, a walking and cycling route, then a monastery adventure, a visit to the monastery Đipša, arrival at the "Garden of Sremusa". Lunch follows, followed by education and entertainment programs.
Usually about 200-250 people apply, who visit the Wineries and consume Srem breakfast. A tour of the Orthodox and Catholic Churches is planned, as well as an agricultural farm where they make ginger products. After that, we go for a walk, the so-called "Monastery route" and we come to the "Garden of Sremush" where expert lectures are held on how to deal with tincture of sremush.

- Those who have a passport, but do not have transportation, will be organized bus transportation from the Tourist Organization of the Municipality to the Srem House, which will return them to Backa Palanka in the afternoon. Several lowland associations will also participate, and this time we expect a greater response as far as the people of Palanka are concerned. A week before that, there is always a promotion of the event with a tasting of sremush salad, wine and brandy.

Manifestation "Sremus Day " were supported by the Municipality of Bačka Palanka, Provincial Secretariat for Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, Sebastian limarija, Association "LAG Fruška gora - Danube"