Natural resources and natural assets of Backa Palanka


 River Danube

The Danube River, which has the greatest natural tourist value, connects our municipality with Western, Central and Northern Europe on the one hand and the Black Sea and Eastern Europe on the other. It provides exceptional opportunities for the development of excursion, transit, manifestation and, above all, nautical tourism. 

Tikvara Lake

Lake Tikvara is the most attractive lake in the municipality of Backa Palanka, located between Backa Palanka in the north and the Danube in the south. It is separated from the city center by a low swampy area several hundred meters wide, and from the Danube by a narrow isthmus, about 100 m wide. On the east side of Tikvar, it is bordered by a highway leading from the city to a fish restaurant, the Chard "Danube", on the banks of the Danube, an earlier ferry road. 

Lake "Excavator

An artificial lake in the induction plane of the Danube, between the industrial zone in which "Fertil" is located and the Danube, about 2500 m from the city center. It is trapezoidal in shape, 210 m long and about 200 m wide. It is connected to the Danube by a canal about 1000 m long, and was created by excavating the ground for the needs of building a defensive embankment.

On the shores of the lake there is a beach, a mooring and a restaurant Kaloš čarda, and the lake is also used by sport fishermen. This is the place where the traditional manifestation "Golden Cauldron" has been held for many years, meetings of bikers are welcomed by the participants of the International Danube Regatta TID. 


Karađorđevo Special Nature Reserve It is located in southwestern Bačka, in the area of the middle course of the Danube, on its left side, and next to the settlements of Karađorđevo, Mladenovo, Bač and Bačko Novo Selo. In the area of the Special Nature Reserve "Karađorđevo", a protection regime of the second degree is being established, which includes the area of Bukinski rit. 

TIKVARA Nature Park. The area of the natural resource "Tikvara" is placed under protection as a significant natural asset and is classified in the third category. Nature Park "Tikvara" is located in the municipality of Backa Palanka, along the left bank of the Danube between 1296 km and 1304 km, ie KO city and Nova Palanka. 

A monument of nature “ČELAREVSKI DVORCA PARK”. The park of the Čelarevo castle is one of the most valuable representatives of garden art (architecture) of the 19th century on the territory of Serbia. It is a typical example of the mixed style that dominated the garden architecture of that time, created by combining elements of French and English style. 

Special nature reserve "BAGREMARA". The reserve is located in Vojvodina, in western Bačka, north of the settlement of Bačka Palanka. The habitat itself is located on the right side of the road Backa Palanka - Odzaci. A regime of I and II degree of protection is being established in the protected area of the Special Nature Reserve "Bagremara". Out of the total protected area of 117.58 ha, the area of the regime: - protection of the first degree is 34.8 ha, which is 29.6 % of the total protected area. - protection level II is 82.78 ha, which is 70.4 % of the total protected area. The basic value of the reserve is the finding of the species Eranthis hyemalis, which impresses with its appearance during February and March. At that time the plant was in its full development. It is found in acacia culture in a number of separate groups.

Nature Park "Jegrička" Nature Park, III category significant natural asset. The area of the property of the Nature Park "Jegrička" is 1,144.81 ha, on which the protection regime of the II and III degree has been established. The smallest part of this natural asset is located in the municipality of Backa Palanka. It includes a part of the canalized part of Jegrička from Despotov towards Ravno Selo.

The Srem part of the municipality leans on the slopes of the NP "Fruška gora"