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The center of the municipality of the same name, which includes 14 settlements, two of which are Neštin and Vizić, in Srem on the right bank of the Danube. With its area of 580 km2 and population of 55,000, it belongs to the larger municipalities in Vojvodina.

Extremely favorable natural and geographical position, natural values, cultural assets and various events make this municipality very attractive to visitors.

The most important natural resources are:

  • the Danube River with its tributaries and canals,
  • natural lake Tikvara as the most attractive lake in our municipality and also a nature park of III category of protection and
  • artificial lake Bager
  • Among the natural assets of our municipality should be mentioned:
  • Special nature reserve "Karađorđevo" II protection category with stud farm, Museum of horsemanship and hippodrome
  • Special nature reserve "Acacia" I and II protection categories
  • Natural monument "Čelarevski dvorac Park"

All these natural values are of great importance for the development of excursion, gastronomic, sports and recreational, nautical tourism, birdwatching, hunting and fishing, but also events that take place in nature and along the banks of the Danube such as "Ethno Shore", "Danube Ball". , "Golden Cauldron", "Ecological Theater Festival for Children and Youth" and "Danube Day".

Due to the specific morphology of the terrain on the slopes of Fruška gora, cycling and orienteering are especially interesting in Neštin and its surroundings, and for all lovers of wine and homemade brandy, it is possible to organize tastings in several famous wineries.

The development of cycling has great potential, so for this purpose 12 new local routes have been traced, which are a natural connection with the Danube route Euro Velo 6, the Croatian and Fruška Gora network.

Cultural assets of the municipality:

  • Archaeological findings
  • Dundjerski Castle in Čelarevo from the 19th century
  • Beer Museum in Čelarevo
  • An open-air museum from the 18th century "House of Savić" in Neštin
  • Serbian Orthodox Church in Neštin from the 18th century
  • City Museum
  • Veljko Petrović National Library
  • Serbian Orthodox Church of St. John the Baptist from the 18th century
  • 18th century Catholic church
  • Slovak Evangelical Church from the 19th century

The cultural assets of our municipality are suitable for holding various promotions, exhibitions, colonies, events, which attracts a large number of visitors of different ages.

What Bačka Palanka is famous for is certainly the gastronomic offer of fish specialties which, with the good sound of Vojvodina's tamburitza players, can be tried on several chardas: Chard "Carp" in Čelarevo, "Kaloš Chard", "Florida", "Danube Chard" and Chard near Shika. "

A cauldron for Guinness was prepared at the "Kalos Chard" in 2002, which was tried by over 12,000 guests, and the exhibit of this cauldron with a diameter of 2.4 m, a depth of 1.5 m and a volume of 4,160 l is located in Lake Bager.

In the city and its surroundings there are several facilities suitable for tourists and the most important are: hotel "Fontana", "hostel" Agrovojvodina, hotel "Villa Grande", restaurant with accommodation "Idila" and "Idila plus", restaurant with accommodation Olimp "Central", restaurant with boarding house "Poloj", resort "Bagremara", rural-tourist household "Gnjezdo" and in Neština holiday houses "Skelica" and "Ivana", apartments "Hemingway" and "Casa Castellum" and rural-tourist Gaston Wine and Sinerek households.

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