Guinness pot / Excavator Bačka Palanka

Guinness cauldron

Date 13.01.2002. year, the largest fish "Guinness cauldron" was cooked to remember: in a thick soup, with 150 kg of spices, paprika, 350 kg of onions, 300 liters of tomatoes and salt, over 1,700 kg of fish were simmered. The diameter of the kettle is 2.4 meters, the depth is 1.5 meters and it holds 4,000 liters of water.

At minus 10 degrees Celsius, fish stew was tasted by as many as 12,000 guests, and so many more were left hungry.

The people of Bačko Palanka are proud of the natural resources in their municipality. The largest of all, the Danube River with its network of canals and backwaters has spawned several attractions on its banks, the largest of which are the natural lake "Tikvara", the nature park 3 categories of protection and the artificial lake "Bager". 

It is one of the most favorite picnic areas and resorts of Bačko Palanka, situated on the banks of the artificial Danube, best known for the spectacle from January 2002, when for the Serbian New Year more than 10 chefs participated in the preparation of fish soup spiced with peppers, onions, tomatoes and salt. kg of fish, and in which, at an extremely low temperature (they say that it was measured -16 ° C) more than 12,000 people were sweetened. For that occasion, the largest cauldron in the world was made: 2.4 m in diameter, 1.5 m deep and 4,160 l in volume, set up today on the shore of the "Excavator" to testify to this endeavor, thanks to which the people of Palanka entered the Guinness Book of Records.

Later, an attempt was made to do it again, this time with cooking beans. It was concluded that too many funds, people and foolish work were needed, because the beans had to be constantly stirred. And then, as for the first time, the cooks mixed the dish with oar-sized cookers, standing on scaffolding placed around the cauldron. Today, this is a great tourist spot where tourists, in addition to enjoying nature, can also hear this interesting story.

Excavator is a cultural and educational station, a place for organizing various events, events such as the "Golden Cauldron", children's workshops, outdoor schools, etc.
There are also arranged sports fields on the beach, and this is the place where the inhabitants of this town find refuge from the heat during the summer months. The "Kalosh Chard", on the coast, one of the most representative places for the preparation of fish specialties, is in charge of the complete experience.
 "Excavator" was named after the exceptional depth of the sleeve and thanks to that it is accessible for boats with deeper draft. For all those who love nautical tourism, here is a marina for yachts and boats. "Excavator" is not just a backwater, a beach, a tourist destination. This is a space of exceptional beauty that the people of Bačko Palanka generously spend for their needs, which they enjoy.

Even in winter, when swans live on it.

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