Walking trails and health trails

Walking trails and health trails (marked, unmarked, whether there is promotional material)

  1. Bagremara Special Nature Reserve - Backa Palanka

Educational trail in the length of 2000 m, there are signposts for the direction of movement and along the trail 11 benches, 2 tables, 6 trash cans, 2 info boards with photos and text about the protected cultural property. 

Eco canopy for the reception of a smaller number of visitors in the function of presenting the natural values of the protected natural asset. It is located in the protection zone of SRP "Bagremara", opposite the restaurants and tennis courts of Sintelon. It is suitable for about 20 people.

  1. Tikvara Nature Park

Marked hiking trails in the coastal area - Nature Park "Tikvara"

Promotional material: 

  • "One world on the Danube" -TOO Backa Palanka
  • "Protected areas of the municipality of Backa Palanka" - TOO Backa Palanka

Contact: Tourist Organization of the Municipality of Backa Palanka

Tel / box +381 21 753734