Hunting tourism in Bačka Palanka

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Hunting tourism in the municipality of Backa Palanka has a relatively long tradition. Hunting grounds are organized mainly in two ways:

• The former function as areas under the jurisdiction of individual hunting associations within the cadastral municipalities, which are jointly coordinated by the Municipal Hunting Association. 

• The second group includes terrains managed by the Karadjordjevo Military Institution.


The hunting association Bačka Palanka "Bačka Palanka" manages the hunting ground "Palanački rit" with a total area of 51,531 ha, of which the hunting areas cover 45,531 ha. The association has 795 active members. All the time  

Permanently bred game species in the hunting ground are roe deer, rabbit, pheasant and partridge.

The hunting ground has the following hunting facilities: 48 stable checkpoints, 21 checkpoints on wood, 48 feeding grounds for deer, 191 feeding grounds for pheasants and partridges, 92 salt marshes, 38 watering places and 9 pheasant shelters with a total area of 6 hectares and 2,040 hectares of perennial draws.

The professional service has an expert and a gamekeeper, assisted by 35 volunteer gamekeepers. 

Hunting tourism is developed, especially summer quail hunting and autumn hunting of wild ducks.



Address: Žarka zrenjanina 43


Phone: +381 21 6042 044


21400 Backa Palanka

Shafarikova 138

PO Box 3

Tel. + 381 63 815-25-19

Tel. + 381 64 199-14-26

Tel./fax+381 21 60-49-061


The hunting ground is located 321 km from Budapest, 111 km south-west of Subotica, 75 km from Novi Sad, 140 km from Belgrade 

The total area of the hunting ground is 4,520 ha, of which 4,124 ha are under the fence.

Thanks to the lush forests of oak, acacia and willow, which hide in themselves numerous high and low thickets of great trophy value. 

Constant breeding of game species are red deer, Virginia deer, wild boar, roe deer, mouflon, pheasant, rabbit, wild goose, wild duck. All species are on offer for hunting tourism. The hunting ground offers the possibility of specific hunting for each type of game and for these purposes offers carriages, sledges, boats, off-road vehicles and other equipment.

The hunting house "Dijana", the hunting center "Vranjak" and the restaurant "Karađorđevo" are available for accommodation in the hunting ground. 

More information on the site:

  • Rental of equipment for hunters
  1. "Kormoran", +381 21 6045 239

  • Organization of hunting programs and tours
  1. VU "Karađorđevo" Karađorđevo, Forestry and Hunting Service, tel. +381 21 767 660  
  2. DOO "Predator" - Backa Palanka, vl. Sasa Dukic

              33 Ive Lole Ribara Street, Bačka Palanka +381 21 750 343, mob. +381 63 553079

             (organization of hunting of large and small game, obtaining permits, assistance at the airport, etc.) 


  1. "ASTRA TOURS 021" Ltd. - PJ. Hunting Club Astra

               Serbia, Novi Sad, Stražilovska 35

               Tel / fax: + 381/21 / 6-350-960   

               Mob: + 381/65 / 33-40-791,