Equestrian sports in our municipality

Equestrian sports (local racetracks / clubs that organize riding schools and tours, is there any promotional material)


Karadjorevo is, above all, a well-known exclusive hunting ground and the prestige of a stable. For horse lovers, and for those who want to get to know this destination, they will have the opportunity to ride in a carriage in the warm seasons, and in the winter in sleigh rides. Due to its exceptional beauty, Karadjordjevo was a favorite picnic spot and hunting ground for members of the Serbian royal dynasty Karadjordjevic, and later Josip Broz Tito. The famous stud farm has its own museum, stable stallions and hippodrome. Riding is organized here, and pony riding is also organized for children. 

Contact: Karađorđevo Stud Farm, manager Nebojša Zlatanović, + 381 21 64 24 11 058


The Hippodrome "Despotovo" is located in the southwestern part of the settlement Despotovo

The track was accepted by the expert commission of the UKSJ, belongs to the "A" category and was ranked among the top four in Serbia and Montenegro (Belgrade, Subotica, Backa Topola). 

The judges' tower has a covered honorary tribune for guests, an iron protective fence, and in the building itself there is a meeting room, office, warehouse, small buffet… .. Horse races of national rank and importance are organized here.

Contact: Equestrian Club "Despotovo", Despotovo, tel. +381 (0) 64 34 26 886