Villa Grande

It is where the city noise stops and the wonderful forest begins VILLA GRANDE.

"We offer peace, long walks in the freshness of the forest, accommodation, exclusive cuisine, space for business meetings and presentations, sports fields and many other facilities.

Come and rejoice, spend a weekend with your family, celebrate birthdays, celebrate the most beautiful moments. Come to rest your eyes in the acacia and coniferous forest and hear the silence. Get away from everything for a moment, you will not repent. Our guests come forever. We offer 12 rooms (single, double rooms and suites).

We also have a Villa that serves special occasions where the highest officials of the former Federation of Yugoslavia and the current Republic of Serbia, as well as very high officials were accommodated. The isolation from the city noise and the peaceful atmosphere make our guests feel extremely relaxed. The beautiful Pine and Acacia forests are the ideal place to take your business partner to lunch. Our chefs are ready to make that moment special with their specialties.

A specially arranged space that allows complete discretion will certainly please you and your partners. With us you can relax in a business club with special wines or cognacs with cigars that are specially purchased for such occasions. We offer halls with fully equipped technical support for seminars, team building meetings and other business events, the halls have a capacity of 20 to 60 people.

In the summer, we have separate terraces with a capacity of up to 140 people in the beautiful surroundings of the protected nature reserve "Bagremara", which can be used for various business events. "