The tourist organization of the municipality of Backa Palanka received new premises

Interview Director of Backa Palanka LLP Milica Stoisavljević:

The tourist organization of the municipality of Backa Palanka received new premises, which are now located at 19 Jugoslovenske Armije Street, on the former site of the gallery of the Cultural Center.

- We can thank our founder, ie. The municipality of Backa Palanka, which recognized the importance of the Tourist Organization as an institution. This location is very good for us, but above all for our visitors and tourists, namely it is close to the pedestrian zone in the center and is very visible. At the same location is the Tourist Information Center, whose goal is to be a meeting place for all travelers who stay or pass through our municipality.

- The space itself is very suitable for holding various gatherings, seminars, presentations, but also for professional practice performed by students of the High School of Tourism.

- In the year that is practically behind us, we could not promote our new headquarters as we planned, because with this unfortunate situation in which we all found ourselves, the tourism sector is one of the most affected industries.

- Accordingly, we invite travel agencies in the municipality of Backa Palanka, to contact us in order to help them as much as we can, namely, we have several arrangements that we have prepared in the field of receptive tourism, and agencies can place them on the market and attract domestic tourists to our municipality, so that we can all together increase the number of overnight stays in the municipality, and thus increase revenues from tourism. These are arrangements that include individual visits and stays, in the form of active vacations, but also for those who want a more peaceful family environment, all through the promotion of nature, healthy lifestyle, beautiful places and adventures, local gastronomic products, truffles, horseback riding, hunting , sacral tourism, tasting of wine, beer, cheese, honey, kulen, etc.…

- The rich municipality of Backa Palanka offers all that and much more. We are in constant contact with the Provincial Secretariat for Economy and Tourism, which will help us overcome problems, keep jobs in the tourism sector and make the most of the situation now that we cannot travel abroad, to increase the number of domestic tourist nights.

- Namely, this year, except in March, when the occupancy rate in the municipality was only 12%, we note an increase in the number of overnight stays of domestic tourists in the municipality, but a drastic decline in arrivals and overnight stays of foreign tourists, which is logical given the situation.

- When everything is taken into account, the total number of tourist nights is at the level of last year, with a tendency to grow, because more beds are needed in rural households, especially in the Srem part of our municipality. Therefore, we expect that the season of rural tourism, as this year, instead of starting in June as usual, will start in March.

- For the next year, given the situation, we will be based on electronic promotion, but also on the promotion of individual tourist entities - farms, producers of honey, cheese, wine, mushrooms, domestic cured meat products, old crafts and the like, and on this occasion I invite all those who recognize themselves in this, and are not in our database, to contact us, in order to include them in the current tourist offer and thus help in their visualization.

The working hours of the Tourist Organization are on weekdays from 8 am to 7 pm. Contact email:, secretary @

"The Tourist Organization of the Municipality of Palanka wishes you good health."