Forests in the municipality of Backa Palanka


The forest Acacia it is located along the northern edge of the city and has always been a favorite picnic spot for visitors and Bakopalan people. The special nature reserve of the I and II category covers an area of 117 ha. Within the reserve is the Grand Hotel with tennis, volleyball, basketball and five-a-side football pitches. In the immediate vicinity there is a Red Cross resort, suitable for outdoor school, seminars with 50 accommodation units.

Swamp cypresses

Within the Tikvara Nature Park, there is a natural monument "Artificial stand
swamp cypress "as well as the natural monument" Four plane trees ". Wetland cypresses will welcome you hospitably at the beginning of the promenade and four plane trees, about a hundred years old, will be waiting for you at the end of the walk. We call the stand of the marsh cypress artificial because this type of tree is not autochthonous, that is. domestic in our area. That is why the marsh cypress is a floral rarity for this region. It grows mainly on swampy soil and is planted in Palanka in a place that suits it perfectly, near the Cvrcina pond. It occupies an area of 0.22ha. Wood is of exceptional aesthetic and scientific value. The age of the trees is estimated at about 70 years, and otherwise they can live to be up to 1200 years old. It can reach a height of up to 40m. The circumference of the tree is 2-3m. The characteristic of the tree are the "knees" which have an unusual appearance because they grow around the tree, ie they are visible when the water recedes, and they develop hay on the upper surface of the roots. They have a role to provide better stability to wetland cypresses since they grow on muddy substrates.

The tree blooms in March, possibly in April, and the fruits develop from October to December. The natural habitat of the wetland cypress is the United States of America, and it is especially characteristic of the state of Louisiana, where the "champion tree" of the wetland cypress with 520.7 cm in diameter and 25 m in height has been recorded. Where do taxodiums come from? swamp cypresses in Bačka Palanka, there is no reliable data, but it is known that the Germans were interested in them during World War II. There is a story about how they used this wood as a raw material from which they made the wings of airplanes, but there are no written documents about this.