Sports halls in the municipality of Backa Palanka

Sports Hall "Tikvara" 

Sports hall of universal type, which meets all the norms for the competition of top sports.

It consists of:

  • a large hall with a capacity of 1,200 seats with an official court for handball, karate, gymnastics, basketball and volleyball;
  • a small hall without an auditorium, of official dimensions for volleyball, table tennis and basketball; four-lane automatic bowling alley;
  • fitness center with gym;
  • physiotherapeutic block;
  • accompanying facilities (locker room, office annex of the administration, auxiliary rooms, energy part, buffet restaurant, etc.)

The open field complex includes:

1. Football field

2. There is a concrete athletics track around the football field. There is a runway and a long jump hole on the track. As well as a ditch for a hurdle race.

3. In the complex of tennis courts, 4 courts are for playing on clay. The concrete terrain is of the same dimensions as the terrain on clay and has been separated.

4. Basketball courts (2 courts) are covered with a rubber base - tartan. Basketball courts are mainly used for recreational basketball. From the competition, school competitions are organized. The area of both fields is 840 m2

5. Volleyball courts - 2 courts - are covered with tartan. They play volleyball recreationally or are used by volleyball clubs for training in the summer. The area of both fields is 324 m2.

6. In the center there are two courts where handball or indoor soccer is played. They are covered with tartan. The handball field is used for the training process in the summer period as well as for holding school competitions. Futsal is played recreationally and tournaments are held on it. The area of both fields is 1600 m2.

7. Outdoor gym

Sports hall in Gajdobra 

The sports hall in Gajdobra was built from 1996 to 2018, when children, athletes and recreationists finally got a facility where they have quality conditions for playing sports.

Three years ago, the Provincial Secretariat for Sports and Youth, with 1.2 million dinars, co-financed the equipping of the hall in Gajdobra with a multipurpose traffic light, a volleyball set, handball goals, as well as referee volleyball chairs and mobile baskets and safety nets.