Sach fest

Many say that lamb is the best, softest and tastiest when prepared under a sachet. And when it is still being prepared in Nova Gajdobra, at a festival specially organized as part of the sača, then it is a real specialty.

A very well-organized manifestation by the citizens' association "Sach Fest" has become one of the most popular manifestations in the municipality of Bačka Palanka.

Fans of specialties under the sac, know that the manifestation "Sat fest" in Nova Gajdobra is a real pleasure for all those who love delicious food and good mood.

This gastronomic gathering in Nova Gajdobra will be held at the end of August, and the organizers expect, in addition to domestic guests, over 200 visitors from abroad.

Proof that food connects people, honestly and without prejudices, is the fact that last year's "Sach Fest" was visited by thousands of people. So far, the event has been attended by visitors from all over Serbia, and Novi Sad has also reached Prague, Zagreb, Vareš, Vienna, Banja Luka and Slavonska Požega.