Fishing in the municipality of Backa Palanka

The municipality of Bačka Palanka is located on the left bank of the Danube, which with its tributaries, tributaries, lakes and ponds is rich in a variety of fish species that favors the development of sport fishing.

The organization and development of sport fishing on the Danube is taken care of by fishing associations, which also issue appropriate fishing permits. In all waters where sport fishing is planned, the development of those fish species that are especially attractive for sport fishing is systematically directed.

Tikvara Nature Park

• Position: is located in the municipality of Backa Palanka along the left bank of the Danube, stretching from 1,297 to 1,305 km, an area of 508 hectares and 13 acres of 57 m2 and is state-owned. Backa Palanka is 45 km away from Novi Sad. from Belgrade 125 km. and is located right next to the state border with the Republic of Croatia. • •Belonging: The Nature Park "Tikvara" is managed by the Public Company Sports and Recreation Center "Tikvara".

• Type of fish to be caught: Tikvara is the largest wintering ground for white fish on the Danube and this water is rich in carp, large pike, perch, catfish and many other fish species.

License price: 1,800 dinars.

Karađorđevo Special Nature Reserve

• Position: it stretches from Mladenovo, where Lovrenac begins, all the way to Karađorđevo, where the so-called "Old Danube" near Sharengradska Ada, which represents the former bed of this river, flows into the current bed of the Danube. The surface of this special nature reserve "Karađorđevo" consists of two separate natural units: the area of Mostong and the area of Bukinski rit. These fishing grounds can be reached via Novi Sad and Backa Palanka. 57 km away from Novi Sad. and 137 km from Belgrade.

• Belonging: The fields are managed by the Karađorđevo University, Forestry and Hunting Working Unit

• Type of fish to be caught: you can fish for carp, perch, sturgeon, bream, carp and especially pike, which is why many anglers often stay in these areas. The junction of the "Old Danube" with the Danube is especially interesting for hunting pumpkins and catfish.

 License price: 3,000 dinars.

"Bukinski rit" - Mladenovo

Position: Mladenovo is 63 kilometers away from Novi Sad and 141 kilometers from Belgrade.

• Belonging: The area of the protected natural asset "Karađorđevo", which is the official name for the complete belt of Bukinski rit, is managed by VU "Karađorđevo". Associations: Association of sport fishermen "Štuka" from Mladenovo.

• Type of fish to be caught: According to valid data, Lovrenac is recorded as the largest pike hatchery in the Danube basin. In addition to pike, carp, babushka, red perch, bream and more and more often pumpkins are successfully fished throughout the year. The most important place next to Lovrenc for pike fishing is "Široka bara", and large carp are successfully caught, as well as babuška and crvenperka.

License price:: 1,500 dinars.


• Position: it is located on the right bank of the Danube. Neštin can be reached by the Srem side via Novi Sad, Sremska Kamenica and Beočin in about half an hour, and the distance of Neštin if you travel this way is 35 kilometers from Novi Sad and 115 kilometers from Belgrade. Neštin can also be reached via Bačka Palanka, and by traveling along that road, the state border with Croatia is crossed on the "25 May" bridge.

• Belonging: This fishing area is managed by the PE "Fruska Gora National Park".

• Type of fish to be caught: The Green Reef and the island of the strange name Govneš stand out from the river Ada. This part of the Danube is a famous fishing ground for perch, catfish and carp, fish species that are most often found in the main course of the river but also in small meanders and tributaries of the Danube, the most famous of which are Nestin and Susak Danube, specific and known as important carp hatcheries. In the Danube, floats and barbels are successfully fished on floats, and in spills and smaller ponds, babushka and bream. Not far from the Susečki Dunavc, there is a pond for carp breeding, where commercial fishing is allowed.

License price: 2,800 dinars.


Association of sport fishermen USR "Šaran"
Phone. 021 6041 263
President Patrick Kolar - Mob. 064 348 73 11
Secretary Jordan Kostov - Mob. 021 6041 263

USR "Karash" Tovarishevo - It has 100 members

USR "Mladost" Despotovo - It has 287 members

USR "Mrena" Obrovac - It has 90 members

Contact: Obradović Slobodan - Mob. 065 377 15 27

USR "CARP" Chelarevo - It has 180 members

Contact: Dugajlić Zoran - Mob: 063 528 225

They are organizing the Carp Cup - a competition in sport fishing

USR "Pike" Mladenovo - Has 70 members

Contact: Ninković Krstan - Mob. 064 2994 193

VU "Karađorđevo"

Forestry and Hunting Working Unit

Tel: 021 767 660

Contact: Drobac Milan - Mob: 063 586 550