Backa Palanka can boast of being able to offer nature lovers beautiful beaches where they can enjoy and refresh themselves in the summer, but also to feed other senses in other seasons.

City beach - Bačka Palanka

The city beach is arranged, has a beautiful terrace, fountain, covered bar, part of the water in the Danube intended for swimming is marked with buoys, there are lifeguards and lifeboats, fountains, showers, a couple of changing cabins, volleyball courts and beach handball, there is immediately a forest with shade. A little more daring people bathe here, those who think that the Danube water is cleaner, but also colder than the lake water, it is a place for teenagers, but also for pensioners who used to bathe here, and now play poker on the tables under centuries-old trees. raub, remi…

Tikvari beach

The water is warm, shallow, ideal for children, their control, and due to the low water level, there is room for everyone. The municipal institution for sports and recreation "Tikvara" provided fountains, at a decent distance, showers, waste barrels, changing cabins, after high water, fields for small sports were arranged, the beach was plowed. There, between the two waters, the lake and the Danube, there are folded tables with benches, so you can sip, sip, simmer something in cauldrons or chirp on the grill. Some families camp here for a few days. There are a lot of regular visitors to this beach, they say that maybe it is not fashionable for someone to bathe in this water, but they are quite well and except for ice cream, watermelons and boiled corn, cold beer and juices, everything else is free. The water level is low, so below the bridge that connects the lake beach with the plateau where the old ferry crossing and the Old Chard "Danube", the flow of water has stopped. A few hundred meters upstream, near Popovo, the water still enters the lake, thin, but enough that many boats can sail from Tikvara to the Danube and return.


"Excavator" is a cultural and educational station, a place for organizing various events, events such as the "Golden Cauldron", children's workshops, outdoor schools and the like.
There are also arranged sports fields on the beach, and this is a place where visitors find relief from the heat during the summer months. The "Kalosh Chard", on the coast, one of the most representative places for the preparation of fish specialties, is in charge of the complete experience. (currently not working)
"Excavator" was named after the exceptional depth of the sleeve and thanks to that it is accessible for boats with deeper draft. For all those who love nautical tourism, here is a marina for yachts and boats. "Excavator" is not just a backwater, a beach, a tourist destination. This is a space of exceptional beauty that the people of Bačko Palanka generously spend for their needs, which they enjoy. Even in winter, when swans live on it.

Čelarevo beach

We come to the beach through a beautiful tree-lined avenue. It is very tidy and clean. The bank of the Danube is sandy and spacious. It has shade from tall poplars and reed umbrellas. Benches, a field for beach volleyball and indoor soccer, swings have been set up. Nearby is a charda connected by a promenade. This beach is suitable for fishing. For cycling lovers, there is a bike path that connects Novi Sad and Čelarevo via Futog, Begeč and Gložan.





After the neighboring Vizić, Neštin is the smallest village in the municipality of Bačko Palanka, but it is the most attractive place for rest, recreation, fishing and hunting, so apart from Palanka, it attracts Novi Sad, Belgrade and others who built weekend houses or camps on numerous islands and hills.

This village is said to be tucked between the Danube, ie two Danube rivers, and the last slopes of Fruška gora. It is somehow hidden, so it can be best seen with the eye from the water or the back side. Neštin and Vizić are perhaps the only geographical-administrative exception in Serbia, because they are located in Srem, on the right bank of the Danube, and the center of the municipality is in Bačka and Bačka Palanka, respectively