Hunting in the municipality of Backa Palanka


Hunting tourism in the municipality of Backa Palanka has a relatively long tradition. Hunting grounds are organized mainly in two ways:

  • The former function as areas under the jurisdiction of individual hunting associations within the cadastral municipalities, which are jointly coordinated by the Municipal Hunting Association.
  • The second group includes the fields that are under the management of the Military Institution "Karadjordjevo".

Hunting ground - Palanački rit (area 51 531 ha)

Areas of hunting grounds by settlements

(Area of hunting ground in ha)

"Jelen" Backa Palanka - 11,595
"Pheasant" Chelarevo - 3,337
"Fazan" Vizić - 1,175
"Pheasant" Neštin - 3,185
"Pheasant" Mladenovo - 5,921
"Pheasant" Tovarishevo - 5,383
"Pheasant" Pub - 5,740
"Obrovac" Obrovac - 2,727
"Vojvodina" Parage - 2,065
"Rabbit" Nova Gajdobrav1788
"Deer" Gajdobra - 3,585
"Soko" Silbash - 4,208
"Podmladak" Despotovo - 4,046

Hunting grounds of the Karađorđevo nature reserve

The Forestry and Hunting Working Unit is an integral part of the Karadjordjevo Military Institution. The total hunting area of this nature reserve is 4,520 ha.

An integral part of this area are the hunting grounds of Mostong with an outer part of 1,600 ha, and the district of Bukinski rit (Ada, Hagla) whose outer part is 2,920 ha. The areas of the special nature reserve of the II and III category are included in the composition of the hunting areas.

The Karadjordjevo hunting ground is exclusively engaged in commercial hunting of large game - high game: European deer, fallow deer, American deer, mouflon, wild boar, roe deer, and low game includes rabbit, pheasant, quail, wild goose and wild duck.

Within the hunting ground Karađorđevo, there is one of the largest pheasant farms in Serbia with a capacity of 100,000 one-day-old chickens.

For the needs of hunting, especially when it comes to foreign hunters, and in cases of group hunting, a large number of carriages can be hired to transport and transport guests related to the organization of well-known diplomatic hunts.

In the previous period of 2006 (considering that it is a game of high game that has its own specifics related to its organization and only the hunting hunting ground Karadjordjevo has an average of 200 - 250 hunters).

Of that number, 70% consisted of foreign guests (Austrians, Germans, Spaniards, Swiss, Greeks, Cypriots and partly from Arab countries - Egypt, Algeria…).

All reception of guests, especially related to foreign guests, is done through travel agencies (Lovoturs, BGD Trophy, Srbijašume (). The guest hunters are accommodated in the Dijana Hunting House and the Vranjak Hunting Center.

Military institution "KARAĐORĐEVO"

21 421 Karadjordjevo

Contact telephones:

Hunting and forestry: 021 767 660

Tourism and Hospitality: 021 765 254

Hunting associations

Hunting Association of the Municipality of Backa Palanka

President: Borocki George, tel: 064 8557 641

It has 13 companies

Total number of hunters in the municipality: 800

Hunting societies in the municipality:

  • LD "Zec" Nova Gajdobra - President Sinanovic Sredanović, tel: 063 590 428
  • LD "Fazan" Pivnice - President Žigić Pera, tel: 756 564
  • LD "Vojvodina" Parage - President Preradov Svetozar, e-mail: 766 233
  • LD "Soko" Silbaš - President Perišić Dragomir - Dragač, tel: 064 137 08 40
  • LD "Fazan" Neštin - President Škrbić Slavko, tel: 063 708 3660
  • LD "Podmladak" Despotovo - President Gajić Aleksandar, tel: 063863 30 26
  • LD "Fazan" Tovariševo - President Stanojev Miloš, tel: 758 011
  • LD "Obrovac" Obrovac - President Jatic George, tel: 768 232
  • LD "Fazan" Vizić - President Borocki Slavko, tel: 063 7753 105
  • LD "Fazan" Celarevo - President Ilic Zoran, tel: 761 223
  • LD "Jelen" Backa Palanka - President Mishkov Todor, tel: 063 815 25 19
  • LD "Fazan" Mladenovo - President Manojlović Manojlo, tel: 063 729 21 22
  • LD "Jelen" Gajdobra - President, tel: Samardzic Vukan, tel: 762 329

Within the Karadjordjevo Military Institution, there is the Forestry and Hunting Working Unit, which is in charge of the development and presentation of this branch in the Karadjordjevo area.