Serbian Army Cup

Every year, fans of equestrian sports have the opportunity to enjoy the program "Serbian Army Cup - Karadjordjevo", which is held every year in the Karadjordjevo stud farm.

The cavalry, which had a long tradition in the Serbian army, after almost six decades since its disbandment, has been part of the army since 2018.

The first cavalry units in Serbia were formed at the end of the 19th century, when Prince Miloš Obrenović formed his cavalry guard "Princely Guards Cavalry Squadron".

In the Balkan wars and in the First World War, cavalry played an important role because horses were used in active combat operations and for the transport of manpower and movable property. During World War II, cavalry played an important role in deploying units on hilly and mountainous land. After the Second World War, the number of cavalry units gradually decreased, and by the order of the JNA Supreme Commander on July 27, 1959, the cavalry units were disbanded due to the development of mechanized and tank units.

In the 21st century, cavalry units in the armed forces have primarily a protocol purpose. The cavalry is represented in the genus in some foreign armies, and even as part of combat units, in order to ensure mobility and deployment of forces on inaccessible terrain.

By the decision of the Minister of Defense, the Cavalry Squadron of the Guards Battalion was formed in June 2018, the purpose of which is to provide military honors within the protocol of state bodies and provide assistance to civilian authorities in case of natural and technical and other disasters in Serbia.

To perform the tasks, the cavalry platoon uses horses of the Nonius breed in a crow or dark-skinned color, whose basic characteristics are endurance and relatively mild nature. The horses used by the Cavalry Platoon partly come from the breeding of the Military Institution "Morović" - Stud Farm "Karađorđevo", and the other part from the breeding of the Stud Farm "Mezohedješ" from the Republic of Hungary.

The newly formed cavalry unit performs its tasks in the Novi Sad garrison, in the famous "Karađorđevo" stud farm, founded in 1885.

As part of the "Karađorđevo" stud farm, there is also a hippodrome where horse races are traditionally held. Along with the return of cavalry units to the Serbian Army, after a 12-year break, in 2018, the manifestation "Serbian Army Cup" was renewed, which returned the old shine to the "Karađorđevo" stud farm.

Thanks to the Military Construction Institution "Belgrade", the facilities for the accommodation of horses, auxiliary facilities and the administrative building with a horseshoe and a smithy were renovated within the stable. A new grandstand was built on the hippodrome with accompanying facilities and equipment, and the trotting and galloping track was reconstructed.

The Museum of Horsemanship has been arranged with special attention, which since 1983 testifies to the long tradition of the military stud farm in Karadjordjevo. In addition to numerous trophies won by horses from this stable at various competitions, the museum also keeps the registry books of the head from the beginning of the last century, as well as the oldest Book of Impressions in the Balkans, dating from 1924.

By investing in the capacities of the "Karađorđevo" stud farm, the Serbian Army is actively contributing to the preservation of cavalry tradition and equestrian sports, and the renewal of our army's cavalry units is proof of respect for ancestors and remembrance of the famous cavalry division and the victory it won.