Fruška Gora in the municipality of Bačko Palanka

Fruska Gora is an island mountain in Serbia, within which there is a national park. The largest part of Fruška gora is located in the northern part of Serbia, in Srem, part of the autonomous province of Vojvodina, while a small part goes to eastern Croatia, to the Vukovar-Srijem County.

Fruška gora is about 78 km long and 12 to 15 km wide and covers an area of 255 km. Part of Fruška gora was declared a national park in 1960 and thus became the first national park in Serbia. The highest peak is Red Chot (539 m). (literature)


A large number of springs are present in the settlements of Neštin and Vizić in Fruška Gora. Spring waters for water supply have always been of better quality than well waters, especially when their collection areas are at higher heights than settlements and if they are forested, which is a frequent occurrence in Fruška gora. In that case, there are minimal possibilities for water pollution.

Well-known springs in Neštin are: Neštinsko vrelo, Neštinska česma, the source of Grujić, and in the area of Vizić: Veliki bunar, Dolina and the spring Česma. There are 10 permanent springs in the area of Neština and several that dry up from time to time.

The water temperature is 6-8 C. According to its chemical properties, water is suitable for drinking, because
of which several of the most generous ones were collected for the needs of water supply of the village through the water supply system. In Vizić, the springs are most often of a contact nature and are most represented in the sections of the valleys. The most common are permanent sources. They appear periodically after longer and stronger precipitation, and occasionally after pronounced but short-term precipitation.