Quite an active tourist year

The director of the Tourist Organization of the municipality of Backa Palanka, Milica Stoisavljevic, spoke about the success of numerous events organized last summer. Milica Stoisavljevic.

- After the end of the largest and most important event organized by TOO, in the continuation of the summer it followed a series of events that we organized or supported and participated in in some way, which were quite successful from our point of view. traditionally hosted the participants of the "TID" regatta, which was organized for the 64th time this year.

Милица Стојисављевић - Директорица тоо Бачка Паланка
Milica Stojisavljevic - Director of Backa Palanka

There were over 160 participants in our city and we took them to the Beer Museum in Čelarevo, we showed them our banks of the Danube as well as the city center itself. We prepared dinner for them in the "Slovak House" and offered them some of our gastronomic specialties, and the guests left satisfied.

- At the beginning of September, on the 7th day of the month, the manifestation "Tastes of Vojvodina" took place in Novi Sad in Limanski Park, where we presented our gastronomic offer, as well as some specific products from our municipality. The event was also for sale in addition to the exhibition character. - In Backa Palanka, we organized the winter fair "Bakin Speise", which took place on September 14, which took place in the park in front of the elementary school "Hero Pinky", where producers had the opportunity to show their products . We participated in Vršac in the days of grape harvest "Grožđebal", from September 19 to 22.

The "Golden Cauldron" event was held on September 22, in the competition of cooking fish soup and fish stew on the "Florida" charda. 27 teams participated, mostly from South Bačka. The jury consisting of: Aleksandar Ristic, Vladimir Speer, Branko Knezevic and Cabi Laslo decided that the first place in cooking fish soup belongs to the team "Florida" from Backa Palanka, the second to the team "George Serbedzija" from Mladenovo and the third to the team "Baracka" from Bezdan .

- In cooking fish stew, the first place was won by the team "Slobodni momci" from Kula, the second by "PUR Jelena" from Backa Palanka and the third by "Malo jači igrači" also from Bačka Palanka. The happiest team is "Frajle" from Bac, the most sympathetic team is "Nobody can do anything to us" from Backa Palanka, and the most charming were "Kayakers" from our city. In the end, the "Free Boiler of Bačka Palanka 2019" was won by the "Free Boys" from Kula. The awards were provided by numerous sponsors, and the organizer, the Tourist Organization of the Municipality of Bačka Palanka, provided a voucher for two people for the winners of the Golden Cauldron, a weekend in Venice.

- Such gastronomic events attract great attention of visitors, and give us a chance to present the gastronomy of this region. For participating in these events, I would like to thank the Provincial Secretariat for Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry, without whose support we would not be able to organize events in this way, as well as the municipality of Backa Palanka, which recognizes the importance of events as a significant tourist promotion. .

The previous work of the Tourist Organization was not only reflected in organizing and participating in + events and promotions, but we also worked intensively on finding funds to complete the bike path from Backa Palanka to Celarevo, because it was the only section of "Euro-velo 6" bike route in Serbia, which was not paved. Throughout August, we were very interested in cyclists to take the alternative route Srem, Partizanski put, which suits them due to the ambience of the National Park and the lack of frequent traffic. We showed them the villages of Neštin and Vizić.

- What makes work difficult all summer is the unresolved issue of the premises of our organization, because the cinema building, where we are housed, is being renovated. We were forced to move out, so now we are working on several locations in the city, in the building of the Red Cross, the Library and the Standard, where those interested can find us.