Karadjordjevic horses are always an attraction

The tradition of going out into nature on Labor Day, in the area of the municipality of Bačko Palanka, has been preserved mainly by young people, who were not afraid of bad weather.

Several people gathered in Karadjordjevo, where the program was organized by the Ministry of Defense, the Military Institution and the Municipality of Backa Palanka. Parents used the opportunity and brought their children to ride in carriages, to see horses, ride ponies, watch a show of two-wheelers and four-wheelers of beautiful horses from the local stud farm.

In the forest of Bagremara, on the edge of Palanka, and in the organization of the local Red Cross, which has its own resort here and arranged a picnic area with tables, benches, barbecues, toilets, there were picnickers. Admittedly, less than in previous years, but the most persistent did not give up. The bravest were the young people who prepared for the rain and managed to grill meat and spend time together until almost evening.